Welcome to my blog,

In this first entry I would like to take a little time to give you an overview of what I’ll be discussing on my blog and the “mission” I have.

Why did I decide to start this blog?

My fascination for a lot of topics is ever so increasing, these topics include spirituality, esotericism, modern science, ancient wisdom traditions, politics etc.. We are living in a very interesting time, with our solar system moving into a higher vibrational space of our universe, the evolution of our experience of consciousness, the emergence of modern science – doing their best to validate ancient spiritual concepts/idea’s (which I’ll get into later), a massive worldwide awakening on different levels (spiritual, geo-political, etc..) – at the same time the ever growing number of illegal wars, a world wide refugee crisis, and world media competence exponentially sinking, especially in the west. So we’re at a point in time where people are recognising something is going on, feeling that a different Era is upon us, but have a hard time knowing because the mass media is not to be trusted, governments and politicians are lying more than ever, and the truth is subtly hidden in alternative media outlets, channels, speakers, and books. This is where this blog should offer a humble platform dedicated to the gathering of information for everyone open and spacious, give YOU a basic understanding of what’s going on NOW, offer a wide ringe of recommendations of: books, videos (talks, etc..), teachers, youtube channels, movies, websites, and so on.
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What can I promise?

I can promise that I will share truth to the best of my knowing, that I will give my best to – I can only ask you to be open to what is posted here, to check your own experience and to then decide for yourself which path you take, because only you know what is best for your evolution now.If you enjoy reading this blog, and/or getting into an exchange of information/knowledge, I ask you to share, recommend and support this blog’s mission! The internet is also subject to the yin/yang of everything – it can be a great help, medicine, gloriously vast portal of information and at the same it can be a great danger, poison, and dangerously vast portal of deception, dogma and propaganda.

See you next time!

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