Where to begin?

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Like I mentioned in my introductory post – we all live in a very interesting time on this planet Earth, one could even say that we’re extremely fortunate to be living in this solar system at this current time. When looking at our history books, what we learned in school and what (probably) most of us have believed the majority of their life, is packed up, trickled down, and ever so further eroded from the truth year by year. The amount of sugar coated lies, which we have been conditioned to believe is so large, one finds it hard to grasp. One doesn’t even know where to start, as a matter of fact I don’t even know where to start. A long time Humans have been exposed to the babylonian money system, which in the simplest terms is a dept-slavery system where most of the population live their life for 5% of the wealth and the little 1% eagerly, with great smiles on their faces, enjoy the other 95%. I guess this is definitely a milestone in where things went wrong. Another good starting point would be the role of the media, especially the mainstream media. Mainstream media has made it so incredibly hard for those who seek the truth, because of their sneaky way with words – labelling every un-conventional news source either a “conspiracy” or not even mentioning the existence of it. Since I feel that this is a key part of the main “knot” holding back free information and international disclosure, we will be discussing and taking a closer look at the role of media.

What to believe?

Anyone who has followed their intuition or “gut-feeling” regarding an event, where they just had a bad feeling about the explanation dumped onto us by the mainstream media, our governments or multilateral organisations in control of a great amount of  our planet, surely came across an inner conflict of some kind. They were confronted with two point of view’s – what to do? Perhaps they felt a certain pull or some sort of resonance wits-mediaith one side, but feeling that resonance and acting accordingly are two very different things. This is where my advice would be following: 1) Intuition follow your Intuition or “gut-feeling”, this usually is a close to immediate response from you to any certain body of information, 2) Contemplation/discernment contemplate the information you received, asking yourself what you believe. This is a process of opening or widening your “reality bubble” to consider the truth behind something you might have immediately labeled as “false”, due to your conditioning or belief’s of the people you were brought up by. It’s about falling behind the words spoken and asking questions, for example: Who has gained something by this event taking place? Who has lost something? Who would do everything to stop this information coming out? (etc…), 3) Research do your own research/ “do your own homework” – probably the most obvious and highly effective tool’s for finding out something you desire to know. Like I’ve mentioned in my introductory post, the internet is filled with great potential regarding the sharing of information, but one has to keep in mind that it has an evenly great potential of disinformation. There is a fourth advice, that can and by all means should be used when it comes to certain topics, as an example we will use meditation. Ken Wilber states in his Essay “Eye-to-Eye”, a must read when it comes to the field of truth and the way’s of gathering knowledge, that: “if you want to know it, you have to do it”. This is a very powerful principle when it comes to finding out the truth, one could put it in other words – 4) Verification by experience check your own experience. Without going to deep into it we will stick with our example of meditation: if you would like to start knowing more about meditation and the truth/essence of it, you have to start doing it. Set yourself a time frame in which you will verify that topic in your own experience (The funny thing is: a lot of people will follow their mind’s excuses that they have something more important to do at the moment and never actually end up giving it a shot. That simply disqualifies them of  arguing on that subject. Period.) Ask yourself: can I find any sort of evidence in my own experience that e.g. after having meditated for let’s say one month, I feel more centered, I feel more alive, I feel more at ease which whatever situation arises in my everyday experience, I have a longer and focused ability to concentrate etc… If so – wonderful, you’ve now double checked something you were invited to try in your own experience and you’ve distanced yourself from being a sheep/zombie, lost in either believing or not believing. At this point I find it important to state that one has to stick with it for at least three weeks, rome wasn’t built in a day. Stick with it until you can surely state from your own effort of -doing it- whether you approve/disapprove.  No one can take that evidence from you, your experience is such an intimate part of your life and if used wisely it has the power to verify quite a lot of information for you, especially when it comes to practices, exercises, observations, etc…

Summary of my advice:

  1. Intuition/Gut-Feeling
  2. Contemplation/ Discernment
  3. Research
  4. Verification by experience

Typical “dilemma”

When taking a closer look at the tough time media is giving us today, we see that when really eager – we can find out the truth behind most events, phenomenas, experiences, headlines. Let us continue, by looking a little deeper into intuition since it is quite a misused word – just like god. John is put between a rock and a hard place, after finishing his research on extra-terrestrials and want’s to know how to “use” his intuition to help him carry on. In truth, he simply requires a little sensitivity of his energy body to be guided. Should he follow a) his gut/heart/mind ( only certain aspects of it) )? Should he follow his mysterious “knowing” of the existence of extra-terrestrials and (most likely) be labeled in the peer groups and social concepts as “conspiracy theorists gone mad”, “crazy person” and/or “mentally unstable” or should he follow b) his anxious thoughts telling him to shut up and continue watching Scary Movie, eating popcorn and laughing at funny cat videos on YouTube? My answer would be a)! Follow your heart, follow your gut, follow your mysterious indescribable knowing. The scary thing about doing that is the uncertainty of the outcome. Let’s get practical- John is certain that we are not alone in the universe, even taking it further – we are not alone in our solar system and has done a considerable amount to verify this information. He checked his intuition, he used his skill of discernment/contemplation, he did a whole lot of research on this topic. He was not yet able to verify by experience because he simply hasn’t met any extra-terrestrials yet.  He talks with his friends about this very topic and get’s laughed at. John now stands before a hard decision, he is caught between the vortex of his social structure’s opinion sucking him in, and the equally great, subtly even greater, vortex of his resonance/ gut feeling. What to do? What to believe? How to carry on from here? The answer from my heart to yours is follow your inner knowing. Intuition is such an interesting subject, one which ancient civilisation and their wisdom traditions/mystery schools have understood a great deal about and modern science is slowly (but surely) catching up. I would like to give you a brief overview of some of the studies conducted at HeartMath Institute (Stanford):

     The human heart

Electromagentic field of the Heart (HeartMath)Recent studies at the HeartMath-Institute (Stanford) clearly provide evidence of the power of our human heart. A brief overview of the studies:

1. The heart is up to 100,000 times stronger electrically than the brain

2. The heart is up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain

3. During fetal developments the heart forms and starts beating before the brain

4. The heart actually has a “brain” i.e. over 40,000 neurological cells (brain cells)

5. The heart’s electro-magnetic field (seen above) stretches out up to 2 meters (spherically in nature)

6. The electro-magnetic field of the heart is in constant communication/exchange of information with the field’s of other people. (Experiments on how to consciously tune-in to that communication are being done).

Another wonderful thing about the work at HeartMath is their commitment to helping veterans, police officers, firefighters (etc.) to overcome traumas of the past and teaching them the so-called Heart Coherence® and Attitude Breathing® techniques to cope with the high stress rates included in their job.hmi-blog-article-explains-importance-of-heart-rate-variability-for-your-health

Even after these few bullet points it should be clear that “living from the heart” can be taken literally now, you can think with your heartSound cheesy, yes, but it’s true.

I will provide a few links for those who would like to look at the research of HeartMath Instate by themselves down below:

1- https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/

2- https://www.heartmath.org/about-us/

 3- https://www.heartmath.org/gci/


“Research has shown that 0.1Hz is the human resonant frequency—the frequency at which spirit, heart, mind, emotions, and body are in resonant alignment with the planet. The term for this is heart coherence. The more heart coherent we are, the greater the resonant energetic connection we have with people, within ourselves, and with nature. This enhances individual and collective intuitive discernment for solving social, environmental and global problems.”

This is all for now, as I like to say: Stay open, stay true, stay alive.

See you next time.
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