Circumstances don’t have a fundamental built-in meaning


I will try to keep this post as short as possible, while still giving enough of an explanation of why circumstances have no fundamental, intrinsic, inherent meaning. This is not about the philosophical meaning of life, or an explanation of the Absolute, it is just trying to show you that on a relative level, we are the one’s who decide what meaning we give to our outer circumstances, thus what importance they hold for our lives. To start this out (as a thought experiment) imagine for a second that for one whole day you would not think at all, therefore you would have no judgement of anything that happens whatsoever. During this day your car get’s stolen. Is this is still a bad thing for you? Are you angry/upset? No you are not, because you would have no judgement of the situation, you would project no meaning onto it. You would still see the car being stolen, you are just as alive, as aware as you usually are, but you wouldn’t call it a good or bad thing. I am by no means trying to say that not thinking is the answer, or that everyone should stop thinking – our ability to think is a wonderful tool and product of evolution – but this makes it crystal clear that it is we who give meaning to things. Things happen, they just happen. There is no meaning in why this is happening, we project meaning into, onto and around them. So why not utilize our capacity to project meaning into things, to view situations from a perspective that will actually support us in being in our power, our full potential and make us feel good, instead of dreadful and depressed?

The point where it made “click” for me was when I started understanding that there really is no such thing as an independent reality. There is no such thing as one perception of a circumstance that is right, that is real and all the others are “just your imagination” or “your fake description of the situation”. Anything that happens is just what you say it is.

At first a sentence like “situations/circumstances are meaningless” might sound sort of unloving, might sound like Existence is against us, like it is a cold reality we live in, but it really is the biggest gift. It is the biggest freedom, because it gives us the power and free will to decide what our reality will be like.red_or_blue_pill_crimson_quill-12-810x506 This in a sense is one possible definition of free will, because we are free to choose how we experience life. Red or blue pill? The choice is ours. Will we make our reality a horrific one, where everything that happens is against us and wants to harm us, thus sending out quite the low frequency and then having that low frequency reflected back to us? Or will we make our reality a positive, happy, loving, inspiring, motivating one? One that is based on the prosperity and fullness of life, instead of lack, with a very high frequency which then again will be reflected back to us… This in a sense is the analogy of the glass either being half full or half empty. Which one is it? It’s up to everyone one of us to decide, and when we decide the glass to be half empty, that is the way we will experience life. If the work with frequency is new to you, which it really isn’t because everything is frequency, but if you are confused- please take the time to read an earlier paper of mine “Choosing the Desired Frequency” or read/watch the material of a teacher out there, there is an incredible amount of information on this. I will offer one more analogy (if it does not resonate, ignore it), and it will be that of a mandala colouring paper- which will represent circumstances. The frame of the mandala is neutral, we are the ones who decide what colours go into it. As you can see below; we have four very different looking mandalas, yet the frame is the same, it’s the same form. We have four different interpretations of the same circumstance, which one is “right/real”? None, there is no “right/real version”, they’re all relatively true. So see circumstances as a colourless/neutral mandala, and start colouring it the way you like.

Sri Yantra Mandala Teaching Tool

Try this out for one day if you like, experiment with it. During your day, whatever happens, just view it in the most positive way you can. View the circumstances from the “highest” perspective you are able to. Just do this to the best of your ability, you don’t have to force anything. Sometimes you don’t even have to verbalise it in your mind, you can simply just not get fed up when something happens that usually pisses you off. With time, this will become natural. It’s not about mastering it immediately, one just keeps getting better at it. Be nice to yourself.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Circumstances don’t have a fundamental built-in meaning”

  1. What you say is very true but how can we escape the never ending cycle of thinking and negativity if we live in a world that is full of it? When we see it every day all around us, don’t you think it is extremely difficult to wash all of it away and just start thinking positive? You said it is us who give meaning to things but what if we are trapped in the net that this hateful place is? Manipulated by the mass media, don’t you think deep inside we don’t want to think positive and tend to blame everything on others? Because its easier to live life based on unhappiness rather then fighting and working for something greater. Being happy would mean to come out of the comfort zone and start rethinking everything, what is hard and thats why I think we rather stay inside the small bubble.


    1. Thank you for your comment Carolyn. Well, there are infinite ways of escaping the negative spiral, one for example is positive thinking, another is utilising the feeling imagination I touched on in my “Choosing the Desired Frequency” post… You are right, it is not always easy, but it also is not extremely difficult. Again, if you believe it to be impossible, you will not end the spiral- because that is your first limiting belief. To say “we are trapped”, and to say “the world out there is full of negativity, therefore I am also” is quite frankly a belief based in lack, and based on the idea that there is mean/ evil/ negative reality out there. It’s a thought making you the victim, which is the easy way, the reason for your unhappiness in the first place. Correct, “being happy would mean to come out of the comfort zone”, but how is the comfort zone comfortable if you aren’t feeling comfortable in it. Deep down you are miserable in the comfort zone, deep down you know you hate this so called “comfort zone”- get out of it, the “comfort zone” is boring anyway. It really is everyone’s choice, and yes that is why many people at this point in space/time choose not to be happy (underline choose). A start is to see and accept the part in us, that does not want to be happy, that loves being miserable (so many people don’t even know they carry this part in themselves), because it has been conditioned to be that way. Love that part of you and move beyond it, you don’t have to “rethink” everything- that is just one of many options. It’s about taking responsibility and if you say “I can’t be happy because the world -out there- is negative”, then you are giving away your power and you are choosing to stay in the little bubble and be like the other sheep. Stop telling yourself that it’s extremely hard.
      Thank you so much for your comment/question, hope that helps!


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