Thinking and not-thinking (two sides of the same face)


I felt that I really wanted to share my view on this topic, since it has been something that’s been moving me for a while. Take from it what serves you and ignore the rest!

I feel that when we understand this, we are a lot more free when it comes to the non-stop movement of the mind, of thought. We realise that that doesn’t have to stop at all, as long as we don’t identify with the content of the thoughts and rather the space/ the field in which the thoughts appear. I believe the video speaks for itself.

Thank’s for watching!


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4 thoughts on “Thinking and not-thinking (two sides of the same face)”

  1. LIeber Jeremy, ich hab dich schon 2007 im Bali Mandala kennengelernt, wo du so hinreißend mit meinem kleinen Enkel Arvin gespielt hast. Schon damals war ich von Deiner Präsenz und Feinfühligkeit und auch Deiner überbordenden Lebensfreude begeistert ….. und bin es jetzt wieder durch dein Projekt. Besonders in deinen Videos fasziniert mich, wie Du Dir Zeit lässt, wie liebevoll Du mit dem Denken umgehst und mit welcher Intensität und Leidenschaft du Dir Wichtiges über die Brücke bringst. Hab “Dich” sofort abonniert!
    Meinen Glückwunsch! Love, Jheel

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  2. Great video Jeremy and you are so right. And without thought you wouldn’t have been able to do this video or communicate these uplifting things. There’s been a lot of distortion of the messages of mediation etc and a lot of misunderstanding. Your view is the great simplicity. The Dzog Chen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is not bothered at all by thought, it sees thoughts as clouds in the infinite blue sky. The blue sky is the metaphor for the great consciousness of the Buddha mind, or whatever term you’re comfortable with. The clouds never touch that great space of the blue sky. They come. They go. The sky remains the same. You know this intuitively. It’s beautiful. 🙂

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    1. How beautiful; ‘the sky remains the same’. Very powerful statement! Thanks for the comment 😉


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