Viktor Schauberger, the Humble Witness of Nature


When researching Viktor Schauberger we are inspired to say: After all nature is a wild dance of intelligent, unlimited energy – let us dance with it. 

Now who is Viktor Schauberger? His name may have popped up for some of you, VS Portrait_smallyet he and a lot of his life’s work has been forgotten and left disregarded. Our modern day vortex technology is largely based on his ideas and just like Nikola Tesla, Schauberger worked on free energy and anti-gravity devices. Working on devices of this nature seem’s to carry a lot of controversy into the lives of these daring individuals, thus not always making it easy to speak with absolute certainty on their achievements/ accomplishments due to the veil of secrecy surrounding work of this kind. We will briefly look at his life and then investigate how the self taught genius came to invent radical new technologies, covering everything from water purification, free energy, forestry logistics and anti gravity engines – eventually leading him to work for the Nazi’s. We will look at how all of this came to be and the implications of his thinking and how the intellectual seeds he planted could blossom into even greater technological advancements for humanity in the future.

The beginning

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian scientist, inventor, forrest caretaker, philosopher and biomimetic (basing models on the flow of nature), he was born on June 30, 1885 in Holzschlag, Austria, as the son of a forrest superintendent. He spent long periods of time in the forrest, pondering around areas that were largely untouched by man, sometimes entering deep contemplative states while walking through the nature around his home. Schauberger was amazed by nature’s intelligence, especially the flow of water, calling it “the blood of nature” and “a sacred organism”. He intuited most of his discoveries and refused to go to college, firmly believing that his intuitive gifts and creative imagination would be broken down by the ‘experts’. Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 13.20.21
While working as a forester, he came up with an amazing method of cooling down water and creating spin, making it easy for tree logs to be transported over greater distances, since cold water could carry greater loads in a much more efficient way. His life’s motto: “Comprehend and copy nature”. After passing a number of patents and even winning a prize from the Austrian prince for his tree log flume device, that ensured an overall better transportation, his name had become known among Austrians. This greatly angered the conventional hydraulic engineers of the time, being a ‘pre-taste’ for the hostile reception of his very unorthodox ideas.

“Birds do not fly they are flown, and fish do not swim they are swum” – V. Schauberger

Vortexes in water and the key principles behind Schauberger’s inventions

Entrepreneur-like-salmon-swimming-upstream-600x392Early on, Schauberger was immensely interested in how water purified itself through naturally occuring swirling vortexes and whirlpools. Thoroughly studying this he became the pioneer of vortex technology, which is a field of study that has been widely expanded to this day. When watching salmon swim upstream a waterfall and trout simply staying in one place with barely any movement in spite of a strong current, he came to the conclusion that there had to be something very unique occurring in the water, an unobserved phenomena which he called ‘implosion vortexes’, caused by the way the water was spinning. Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 13.43.44.pngThe open-minded and creative inventor he was, Schauberger started building devices mimicking these principles of nature. Since water could self-purify so to say, the idea emerged that one could replicate this purification process and build machines working the same way. “The principle is to lead water in a big vortex inside a tube. A large amount of the polluting particles is then gathered in the center axis of the vortex.” – Malmö Group. With his success in doing so, he filed Austrian patent No. 142,032 and made public his machine which can be seen on the right. The patent is described in the following manner; Construction for fabricating tap water like that of natural springs. His inventions clearly were unorthodox, not many people were willing to consider the fact that water purification could happen through the vortex phenomena, most likely because they weren’t willing to be nature’s student, rather staying in their intellectual box of the comfortable know-how they learned in their studies. Schauberger closely followed the ideas of Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and “a contemporary of Galileo who greatly contributed to the early science of astronomy and physics” – N. Haramein. Kepler must have received initiations to the secret teachings of Pythagoras dealing with implosion, i.e. using the power of the ‘inner worlds’ in the ‘outer world’. Here we can see a strong correlation to the modus operandi of Viktor Schauberger, since he firmly believed that the thinking behind our technologies was going in the wrong direction and bringing our biosphere out of balance, due to the strict focus on the breaking down of things, expansion and explosion. Without delving all too deep into this subject (for those interested in fully understanding this please click here) I will provide an example: we use substances such as coal, gas and oil which we break down/ burn to generate energy. This would belong to the principle of outward motion being explosion/ expansion, in a way we are working ‘against’ nature. But, what if we could do the opposite? Instead of breaking things down and burning them, what if we let nature do its thing and provide us with an endless amount of energy utilising the principle of inward motion implosion/ impansion. 220px-Vortex_in_draining_bottle_of_water.jpegAn example for this would be a vortex in water or a tornado in air, which were both mentioned earlier. You see, harnessing energy in this manner doesn’t require us to burn anything, doesn’t require us to suck out Earth’s natural resources like mad men, even causing a considerable amount of pollution along the way. Considering the possibilities that open up if we were to fully understand these implications, we find that free energy is right in front of our eyes. Isn’t it amazing how we an derive such amazing technologies from observing nature? I find it extremely humbling to consider the possibility that everything we need for a harmonious development of our civilisation in the future is right in front of our eyes, just waiting to be observed and put to practice by us.

Schauberger and the Nazis

After a number of fantastic inventions, he finished a device called the ‘jet turbine’ which used the kinetic energy of water (kinetic means related to/ produced by motion) to generate electricity, this patent passed on May 10, 1930. (For a list of his officially recognised patents please click here). This new way of generating energy caught the eye of many people, among those Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. He was summoned to Berlin in 1934 receiving a special visa in a time of a diplomatic incoherence between Germany and Austria. During the meeting Viktor was asked to speak openly about his idea and conveyed his concerns about the destructive nature of the present day technology, their meeting is rumoured to have gone on for about 11 hours. There was a fundamental difference of opinion between the majority of German scientists and Schauberger, the best analogy that comes to mind would be as follows: Schauberger followed an Aikido oriented way of working with natural forces, opposed to the contemporary Karate way of working ‘against nature’ (to this day it is the predominant method of harnessing energy). While Hitler seemed to be very pleased by Schauberger’s radically new way of using the power of water in his  inventions, he was equally frustrated that Schauberger refused to work for Nazi Germany. Unfortunately for Schauberger, Austria was annexed in 1938 and the SS came searching for him and his ideas based on the 1934 approved patent of the ‘Air Turbine’, a device functioning with the same principle as the water vortex, but instead applying it to airflow (by getting the air to flow/ spin in a tornado type fashion, the impeller of the turbine was set in motion and thrust was generated).

With his many years of experience in working with water and the vortex phenomena, he decided to recreate the implosion vortexes he knew had a variety of amazing effects within a mechanical repulsin2-smachine, thus creating one of the first devices capable of creating anti gravity effects (right hand image). This device was called the Repulsine (English: Repulsor) discoid motor (discoid meaning having a flat, circular form; disk-shaped), and the amazing thing about it was the fact that it could (among other minor things) create a gravity cancelling effect for disc shaped objects. When applying for a patent on March 4, 1940 he was reported to the SS by the Viennese Association of Engineers and consequently placed in a mental hospital in Mauer-Ohling. Now since his devices worked just fine, he wasn’t placed there for being insane, rather because the SS wanted his expertise in their programs for the development of their technology. Some claiming that he was tortured leading to him  he22eventually accepting to work for the SS. Projects with Messerschmitt (German aircraft manufacturing corporation) on liquid cooling vortex systems and Heinkel (another German aircraft manufacturing company) on the use of water in modern aircraft engines started, this is where things really get interesting. Shortly after the Heinkel T was created (see right side), a model for an aircraft which could be powered by Schauberger’s Repulsine motor. Being held in Germany and working under pressure from the SS, he finally finished his Repulsine A discoid motor, which malfunctioned and was destroyed during a lab test. To say the least, the SS were not pleased. Task: build a working one, and do it fast. The second version was finished shortly after, the difference being an increase in the implosion effect. The objective for the motor switched from airplanes to submarines, leading Repulsine B to be implemented in the German Forelle, resembling the structure of a trout. “If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as ‘colloidal’, a build up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation. This form of movement is able to carry with it its own means of power generation. sch12This principle leads logically to its application in the design of the ideal airplane or submarine… requiring almost no motive power.” – Viktor Schauberger. Although the submarines were never built, the Repulsine B worked just about fine, but there were still minor issues that had to be worked out. Schauberger’s thinking was understood, so there really wasn’t any need to keep him on board, leading to his release sometime in 1944. The work on perfecting Repulsine B continued in 1944 at the Technical College of Engineering in Austria.

Nazi work on flying saucers

The SS decided to further pursue a possible combination of motors à la Schauberger and Rudolf Schriever’s secret Flugkreisel (Flight-Gyro) craft, which had previously been proven to be unstable since it used regular jet/rocket power engines common among aircraft. Miehte-schauberger discUnder oversight of Dr. Richard Miethe, who proposed that the two could be combined, the research and development started of what later would be called the Miethe-Schauberger Disc, a manned space craft equipped with an anti-gravity propulsion system.
There actually wereother projects going on within the Third Reich, such as the work being done at SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4).

Hand scribed documents where found that describe in detail the Haunebu II disc shaped aircraft (see photo to the right), capable of carrying 9-20 people on board. When studying the document we learn that Haunebu II was powered by the Thule-Tachyonator 7c and had advanced weaponry attached to it. ha21More documents started appearing (see the very end of the article for further documentation), clearly showing the extensive work the Germans were doing on flying saucer type of craft in the mid 1940’s. According to the claims of many so called ‘eye witnesses’, these things were seen flying in the air. But, without getting into questions I simply cannot answer such as “did the Nazi’s perfect this kind of technology and if so what happened to it after the war?”, what I will say is that the theoretical research, the development of multiple models, and tests were completed. The rest is for everyone to discern for themselves.

Implications for our future

As we’ve seen; amazing technologies have been invented that are capable of doing miraculous things. From water purification all the way to anti-gravity propulsion systems working without ‘external’ energy sources. Free energy devices are here, they’ve been here for years and they’re working, it’s as simple as that.

iuThose of you who have read my article Nikola Tesla – the “Forgotten” Genius of the 19/20th Century, will understand that there sadly still are structures of power that are willing to do almost anything to prevent this revolution in our thinking and therefore the officially released technology. I provide a number of arguments that show why certain corporate entities, banks, governments and individuals would lose their business model if this happened. Again, let’s not go into fear, hatred and anger – that would be stooping down to their level. As more and more awareness on these topics is generated, we’re going to have to make our voice heard. We have been raiding Earth’s natural resources and polluting the planet for long enough, I say we intentionally because we’ve just been watching this happen – if we continue to do so there won’t be much of us left. For true change to occur, fundamental shifts in our world view will have to occur and many people in mainstream academia and especially the energy sector aren’t quite willing to make that shift. There is an urgency to this, university students should be working on further understanding and developing technologies of this kind. We should demand state funds to flow into this. The USA spent 596 billion US Dollars on military expenses in 2015, imagine if just 1% of that budget were to be transferred to the peaceful research of things that would actually help us and not take lives on end – and that’s just one country. Seriously consider this for a moment, tune into that possible reality we could all be living in. What will our future look like? How would the world change if we had the ability to provide every home with energy, and that at very little to no cost?

Why are so many inventors/ researchers going into this area suppressed, and often seem to die in very mysterious ways? I guess the dots are easily connected. iu-2.pngTo name a few strange deaths; Dr. James Black, Dr. Eugene Mallove (extensively working and writing on free energy devices using cold fusion, chief editor of Infinite Energy Magazine. Beaten to death in his driveway. -Picture on the right-), Arie M. DeGeus (inventor of self powering battery, found dead shortly before the commercialisation of his technology, which would have made oil obsolete), Lester Hendershot (inventor of magnetronic generator powering aircraft for much longer than gas – flight from New York to Paris in 1927), found dead in Mexico; allegedly attributed to suicide. The list goes on, yet let us not concentrate too much on the past and rather channel our energy into creating the future we want to live in.


After World War II the remaining Repulsine Motors Schauberger had constructed were confiscated by American and Russian troops, which leads to the question- why haven’t we heard anything about this amazing technology since then? So there’s been a bunch of information here, and it surely isn’t my intention to overwhelm any of you, I guess the most important thing is to see that Viktor Schauberger served as an excellent example of following the intuition, of working with nature as opposed to against it, of not scaring away from conventional mainstream academia and firmly standing ground, even when one is considered to be crazy by the majority of the population or the ‘experts’. He saw free energy everywhere and spent his last days researching and developing peaceful technologies. After all nature is a wild dance of intelligent, unlimited energy – let us dance with it.  It surely is inspiring to see that if we put our minds on something, sooner or later we get the answer – with or without a college degree. Follow what you know to be right deep within you, and act upon it. As always, take what resonates from this and leave out the rest.

Thank you for reading, from my heart to yours.

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Further Documents regarding flying saucers in WWII era:





2 thoughts on “Viktor Schauberger, the Humble Witness of Nature”

  1. Hey
    Good article.
    I know it is an old article from 2017.
    Question – who is the consortium managed by a Mr. Donner in texas 1958 – they stole the right to all his patent, and he died few days later after he left Texas.
    Basically they did to him what was done to Tesla by driving him to poverty and made his life a living hell.
    It seems that is the norm for any great inventor who wants to give the population free energy.


    1. Hey Georges, I haven’t done any new research on the topic recently, guess I’ll have to get back into it. So for now, I cannot give any statements in regards to Mr. Donner. What I can say, is that people like Schauberger, Reich, Tesla, etc. are dealt with in the following ways: 1) Aggressively threatened, pushed into poverty, blackmailed. 2) Defamed by journalists, “elite” scientists or academic circles or 3) Simply ignored. Point 3 seems to be the most common one with all such amazing inventions. It’s simple. The money doesn’t flow there, the research doesn’t get funded, the knowledge does not (or very partially) land in Textbooks (it is, therefore, suggested to students that the ideas are wrong, etc.) and even if lets say a PhD candidate wants to write his dissertation on something like free energy, it will be so hard to get that through and to find someone willing to pay/support that work that most just won’t do it (can’t really blame them).
      On a more positive note, I strongly believe that we will see these technologies coming out in the next few years. Keeping secrets such as those is like continually shaking a bottle of sparkling water – eventually,​ it get’s out.


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