Getting in Touch with the Heart’s Intelligence


I would like to briefly write a few words about the intelligence of the heart. For those who have studied the work by research institutes such as Heart Math at Stanford or read my blog post ‘Where to Begin’ , know in greater detail that the heart isn’t just a blood pumping organ. The heart is the center of our knowing, the heart is the center of love within the body and the heart actually has a mini-brain of itself. When we are in our hearts, we can connect with people on a much deeper level and open ourselves up- this stops us from being closed, frustrated and always ‘in our heads’.iu-4

The heart in ancient cultures and traditions

The heart has been spoken about to a great extent in nearly every wisdom tradition, every culture and every religion that has existed and still exists on our planet. The symbolic nature of the heart is so powerful and widespread, that every child could tell you what it stands for – strength, love, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness and the list goes on.  To provide some brief examples: the Sufi tradition (mystic branch of Islam) and Egyptian Mysticism talk about the heart being the seat of the soul, various indigenous cultures across the globe use the heart as a navigational system and now modern science is catching up to this wisdom.

The heart and emotions

When looking at and working with emotions, it is inevitable to know the functions of the heart and how it is related to our emotions. The heart, being a powerful electro-magnetic source, it is interrelated with our mental body (electric in nature) and our emotional body (magnetic in nature). When we are in a more coherent state, meaning that when our heart and our brain work in harmony together – we are grounded in a much wiser, calmer, more present and patient state of being. “The benefits of heart coherence are numerous, not the least to mention lower blood pressure, improved nervous system and hormonal balance, and improved brain function.”  – Dr. Joe Dispenza. The question arises: why are children in school not learning this? It definitely is more important than algebra, but let’s not get into that discussion right now.

“Beyond it’s obvious imperative in sustaining life, the heart is not simply a muscle or a physical pump that moves blood throughout our body, but an organ capable of influencing and directing one’s emotions, morality, and decision-making ability.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

From within our Heart we can regulate our emotions, and work with them. This truly is a jewel when it comes to stress reduction, therefore HeartMath Institute has been working with a huge number of police officers & fire fighters to help them remain calm and regain coherency in the midst of stressful everyday situations. Studies show that when we are in an incoherent state, the decisions we make are not the best one’s, the chance of impulsive (stress infused) actions are greatly increased- so why not learn to remain in heart-brain coherency? As of mid 2016 over 30,000 police officers in the Netherlands have received the The Resilience Advantage® of the HeartMath Benelux program. How wonderful it is to see, that spiritual principles are being understood on a deeper, more scientific level and that they are being used in every day life – not just in front of an Indian Guru with white hair and a long beard.

Quick coherence technique by HeartMath

Try out this brief technique, that you can use any time, any where.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!


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