Time, memory and how they depend on each other​


I’d like to share a few thoughts regarding the reality of time, and how time appears within life and not vice-versa.

Time is only experienced through thought, therefore through the mind. Memory argues, very convincingly, that time has a true existence,-“I went and bought an ice cream yesterday, I still remember the wonderful taste of strawberry, that was not now, it was yesterday: so time must be real”. Yet when do you remember this event? Is it not now? When did this event take place, was it not now? We can clearly see that time depends on memory, just as memory depends on time – therefore, it holds the same ‘kind of reality’ (as Alan Watts used to say) as a gram, an inch, a line of longitude, a belief, an idea of anything- which is never the actual thing (assuming things actually exist).

Time is a tool, a psychological navigation mechanism, a construct of the mind, no more than a social convention – a very useful one if not obsessed with… But, sadly, time gets the better of us, we, especially in western culture, are driven by time, by appointments, by due dates, and all the stress associated with these. We are burdened by the regret of the past and hopeful projections of the future, never truly breathing in the freshness of reality. But what is reality? Reality is that which does not rely on thoughts, tools, mechanisms, and concepts of any kind. Existence does not care whether we understand it or not, it just IS.

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