List of Inspirations

Hello and welcome,

I decided to create this little web of inspiration to share some of the many people that have greatly influenced me and that have been a source of constant inspiration and empowerment in my life thus far. This is by no means a complete list and there are so many more wonderful people in my private life and people I could consider as teachers, that should be on this list as well, yet I have decided to limit it this selection for now. The format I have chosen is that I will provide a link to the website of the individuals (or their organisation/projects), which will be accessible by clicking on the name when they are mentioned, and a link to one video with them that should give everyone a taste of what it is that they do. Growing up I was already surrounded with spiritual ways of being, yet I was very closed towards that and did not want to take on any concepts that felt off to me. I strictly denied anything that could not be proven, it was only later that I realized that the criteria of proof that I was looking for was very much limited. It took quite a great amount of aggitation, intense emotional ups and downs and the realization that I had no idea how to deal with my mental, emotional and physical landscapes to wake up to the bigger reality that has always been here. I had no idea about life and most of all I had no idea how to best be in relation to others.

With this list of inspiration you will have hours on end of inspirational content and I hope that you find what is relevant, supportive and inspirational for you at this time. The beings mentioned here are everything from visionaries, scientists, spiritual leaders, and so much more…


The Balanced View,an organisation founded by Candice O’Denver that dedicates itself towards the complete empowerment and enlightenment of humanity by bringing about a standardised education in the nature of mind. The teachings are given in all sorts of formats ranging from free ebooks, introductory training, videos, talks and in depth trainings such as the Twelve Empowerments, which all lead to the recognition of our everpresent stable nature of mind. The beauty of the Balanced View is the up to date language used in its unerring instruction and constant support. I have yet to encounter another training framework that guides people with such precision into their own Self.

At this point it is neccessary to mention Bentinho Massaro, whom has been another great source of inspiration and guidance for my life. Bentinho is also completely dedicated to the self-realization (enlightenment) and self-actualization (empowerment) of all humans. There are endless amounts of YouTube videos, talks, texts and the Trinifinity Academy that is free of charge. Bentinho’s clarity and humor when it comes to  the path of realization and empowerment is really remarkable.


Rupert Sheldrake, who has been a very prominent and insightful figure in the mainstream science community since quite some time, known for the formulation of his the theory of morphic resonance is always worth watching. R. Sheldrake has scientifically studied topics ranging from how morphic fields influence the structures of living organisms to the phenomenon of telepathy. He is seen as a pioneer of modern science by many people, which has also lead to much controversy about him, which, by briefly glancing at history, is a natural occurence for anyone willing to challenge the current scientific paradigm (or any paradigm for that matter).

Which leads us to the works of Deepak Chopra – the topics he writes and speaks about are numerous, ranging from holistic medicine to quantum physics, from self-healing to consciousness. More recently D.Chopra has worked a lot with physicist Menas Kafatos concentrating on consciousness studies, striving to get science closer to the realizations of all mystical traditions of our past. I would highly recommend watching a talk, reading a book or diving into the work of the people named above in some other way.

This brings us to another very influental figure in modern science, that being Bruce Lipton, who is a developmental biologist greatly contributing to the newly emerging and growing field of epigenetics. At a the crudest level, the basic jist of epigenetics can be said to be fact that gene expressions are influenced by the external environment. B. Lipton has done extensive research into the fact that our thoughts and emotions have a significant effect on our genes, and therefore on our reality as well.

Since I do want to keep this blog rather short, which hasn’t worked out that well, I will provide some more inspiring people who are by no means less genius than the ones mentined aboved, to check out a recommended video click on “video”:

David Bohm – Physicist Philosopher and Author (Especially intersting to view his work of Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory) Video

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Philosopher, Mystic and Author (Interesting formulations of the nature of mind, disorder within society and enlighentment) Video

Dr. Steven Greer – Speaker, Whistleblower, Trauma Doctor and Founder of Sirius Disclosure (Much material on Extra-Teresstrials, Secret government projects, etc.) Video

Baraba Marx Hubbard – Visionary, Author, empowering communicator and feminine leader (Famous for the Co-Creation Wheel) Video

Rupert Spira – Spiritual Guide, Mystic and Author (Very precise and eloquent contemplations and meditation instructions) Video

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Self-development coach, Author and Spiritual Guide (Very interesting material on the power of the mind) Video

Sam Harris – Philosopher, Neuro-Scientist and Author (Moral philosophy, waking up detached from religion, Artificial Intelligence, and very interesting debates with Robert Peterson) Video

Jordan Peterson – Clinical Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Author and Speaker (Very interesting especially when it comes to how beliefs are formed, the importance of stories and famous for “12 Rules for Life”) Video

Eckhart Tolle – Spiritual Guide and Author (Famous for “The Power of Now” and other) Video

Noam Chomsky – Linguist, Philosopher and Author (Distinguished Intellectual) Video

Noah Yuval Harari – Historian, Philosopher and Author (Famous for “Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind”) Video

Daniele Ganser – Historian and Author (Very interesting talks and books on 9/11, NATO secret “Gladio” armies and US imperialism) Video

Charles Eisenstein – Visionary, Philosopher and Author (Sacred Economics – interesting) Video

If you got to here thank you for reading and know that the names above are sources of hundreds (!) and hundreds of hours of inspiration and brain food.

See you next time.




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