Jimmy and the Tale of Manifesting Trees

Jimmy and the Tale of Manifesting Trees

          A young man would always wander around the village he lived in giving full expression to his imaginative power, his name was Jimmy. Jimmy dreamt of big trees and could see the exact size, place and expression of those trees in his minds eye – in other words, he had a clear vision. One day, far from having a plan, he set off to a forest and tried to find a tree that he could take home. When he finally got there, he did everything in his power to find a tree that he could take home, but this endeavour failed and failed. Every time Jimmy tried to manifest a big tree, whether it was through cutting a tree, taking it back and sticking it in the ground or digging out an existing tree and replanting it – it always failed. Jimmy would carry trees around day after day, one tree after the other, sometimes taking on multiple trees at once, continuously working on his dream, but the weight he was carrying was only getting heavier. His shoulders dropped, his back arched and ached. He was lost, disappointed and depressed. While walking back to his village one day Jimmy dropped the tree that he had been carrying for days and with a deep sigh he collapsed onto the moist late summer soil. He closed his eyes, and rested naturally as the sun slowly set. Suddenly, as if in a dream, Jimmy saw a majestic tree, fully saturated with colour and grounded deeply within the Earth, capable of withstanding the play of thousands of years. The picture was filled with so much clarity that it felt unreal to him. It was in that very moment that it occurred to him, he saw the flaw in his way of life, the unnecessary struggle and pain he had put himself through. All these years he carried such a heavy weight on his shoulders, a burden constantly pulling him down, log after log, tree after tree, with no success. It was in this moment that Jimmy realised that he need not dig out trees, carry logs or carry around any heaviness for that matter. All that he ever was in need of was a seed. A seed that had the ability to become his vision. A seed that he simply had to plant and with a little trust let the flux of existence take it from there. From this day on Jimmy planted seed after seed and spent the rest of his life travelling around the world, filled with love and awe, watching seeds turn into trees. For all he knew, he only ever saw one percent of all the trees he brought to life.

        You see the point is not to wake up one morning to fully manifested trees, to completely realised visions. The point is to trust in your inherent ability to spread seeds wherever you go, to spread the seeds of truth, of wisdom, of love, of inspiration and compassion. As we have seen, they turn into trees, into reality, they manifest themselves. Jimmy did not have to force any seed to turn into a tree, they did that on their own accord.

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