Wisdom of ‘Just Relax’

The following words are a few notes, a gift from me to you. They are to be read with humor. Because it actually really is funny.

In looking for our awareness, our mind, our essence – spirit – we do not find it readily available as an object, as something to grasp onto, to catch and say “here it is”. As we continue to look for our awareness (our true self), we find that it is not catchable, and that is not due to our lack of catching ability. We can grasp and catch other things just fine, no problems there. But that’s just the thing – it’s not a thing.

At this moment, it eventually becomes clear that we’ve been going about this endeavour in a totally wrong way. We have been looking for something that has been looking all the while. We have been looking for our real self as our real self. No wonder most everyone seems so confused about this. So, here we can stop viewing and thinking of our awareness (our true self) as something to be “seen”, because it is that which sees.

It’s so funny, we never found it, and yet it was always right here… and that’s what is so terribly frustrating (but still funny) about the whole search.
So, really, we’re faced with a hard, but convincing, and actually really nice insight right here. We cannot hold onto our true self, not because it’s something that will always be “one step ahead”, this isn’t a game of chasing the dragon, but rather because we already are it and we already are exactly where we want to be going. So what to do? Well, just relax. Be yourself. Rest naturally. As you are –


(Cover picture by Verne Ho)


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