The Beginning and End of War

So, war doesn’t start with money, or with countries, or with armies, or with weapons, or with fists – war starts within our own mind.


When we think of war, we often think of warlords, armies, tanks and missiles, guns and bullets, screaming women and children, and so on. We think of countries, oil, money, presidents, foreign policies, capitalist agendas – in short, we think of all of the symptoms of war. What we usually don’t consider is that all those symptoms are manifestations of something going wrong.

In a way, we’re not wrong when we think of those things and we’re definitely not wrong in having the intention to put an end to all those symptoms, but the point is that we will never get rid of the horrors of war by just getting rid of the symptoms of war. In looking into where war starts, if we’re honest, we’re always led into our own mind. It may sound trivial, cliche, cheesy and whatnot – but war starts within us, within our own mind.

It can be little things, like the afflictive thoughts within our mind, that turn into afflictive emotions (or vice-versa), which then, ever so slowly, lead to afflictive, hateful and destructive beliefs, decisions and actions.

So, war doesn’t start with money, or with countries, or with armies, or with weapons, or with fists – war starts within our own mind.

Therefore, if we want peace, we really need to make peace within our minds first. There’s no way around that. There’s no smart thought, no excuse, that is going to get anyone around that.

And, I know how frustrating that can be. I know how annoying it can be when someone tells you to make peace within yourself first because all you’re concentrated on right now is trying to think of a way to make that asshole over there stop what he or she is doing. It’s like “I am not the problem, that person, country, economy, system, etc. over there is the problem”. That doesn’t mean that we deny the fact that certain people, countries, economies, and whole systems can be pathological and fucked up, but that does mean that we take responsibility for our own war(s) first.

If there’s one thing to consider and trust in, it’s the immense power of making peace within us. Because, again, it starts with the little things, like being non-reactive when someone is mad at you, like actually having compassion for someone that is aggressive towards others, but also in being at peace with all the anger, hate and pathology within us. That leads to bigger things, like being punched in the face and not wanting revenge or like being robbed and not wishing death on the robber.

If you want peace,

find peace within yourself.

If you want the end of war,

end it within yourself first.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning and End of War”

    1. Thanks!
      I believe that the best way to accelerate the progress of self-awareness in a global context is everyone willing to take responsibility of the war within themselves and ending that, but also setting up structures to facilitate and support that transition, that ending of wars from the “outside” as it were.
      There are lots of organisations and teachings doing that already, which is awesome, but I guess the more the marrier 🙂
      And yes, that is what it’s all about


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