Sacred Geometry and the Cosmos – 1

Increasingly, I have been interested in the study of geometry and certain geometric patterns that are found practically in all places and on all levels of our Cosmos. Isn’t it amazing that the same geometries found in cells are also present in plants, vegetables, shells, galaxies and so on? On top of that, isn’t it more amazing that these very geometric patterns are found in close to all of the ancient cultures we have found thus far?

Why have humans been so preoccupied with geometry? The question just has to be put out there, why has practically every culture been deeply fascinated with geometry since time immemorial?

Why is it that we find the same geometric patterns across various ancient civilizations, hinting at a very profound understanding of these geometries? Many of the ancients believed that these geometries are more than nice-looking cosmic patters, but rather keys to the secrets of our Universe, patterns leading us down a rabbit hole of mystery,  all part of a journey towards a more whole and profounfloweroflifebw278d understanding of our very existence. It is thus quite understandable that these geometries are often referred to as ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ – for one, because of their beauty and magnificence, but also for their potential they carry in gifting us with a much deeper understanding of our life. In rather recent times, historically speaking, the famous Greek philosopher Plato stated “The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal” and it is widely known that above his academy in Athens were inscribed the words “let no man ignorant of geometry enter here”. These patterns not only appear in ancient architecture and cultural sites, they are intwined into modern architecture as well – for a very precise and well done analysis I refer you to “Secrets in Plain Sight” by Scott Onstott, as well as his work in general and everyone he cites in his summary.

Recently, especially through the rise of various new age movements and popular esoteric teachings, certain ancient geometries have once again come into the public eye of the western world.

Resonance Science Foundation (Facebook)

Most people will be familiar with the so-called Flower of Life symbol, yet this symbol is much more than an aesthetic design pattern used for fancy yoga mats, hipster coffee mugs (no hate, I got one too) or something of the sort – the symbol is truly ancient and has been subject to archeological findings all around the world.


In the image to the right, you can see the Flower of Life symbol engraved, etched or sculpted in Scotland, Israel, China, Turkey, Egypt, India, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Czech, and Greece.

Besides its beauty, the Flower of Life actually contains very specific information about our Cosmos. The 64 concentric, overlapping circles that make up the flower of life pattern directly relate to the beginning stages of embryonic cell division and universal developments, as can be seen in the image section at the end of this article (1). Yet it even goes further than that. Nassim Haramein, physicist and founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, asserts that the Flower of Life is actually a 2D representation of the structure of space-time itself, meaning the structure of the fabric of our reality. While a full presentation of the mathematics and science underlying his discoveries is not possible within the scope of this article (I recommend anyone interested to take a look at the work of Haramein and his colleagues, links at the bottom), I will mention a few interesting points.

Resonance Science Foundation

When we consider the tiniest “pixels” of space called Plancks (little electromagnetically oscillating fields), we find that the most effective way for nature to organize itself is through tiny little spheres. Haramein calls these Planck Spherical Units (PSU’s). If one considers these tiny little PSU overlappingly packed so that no space is left in between them a 3D version of the flower of life starts to emerge. When conceptualizing the so-called Planck-Field in this way, using these tiny packed PSU’s, the result is mathematical precision, leading Haramein to an extremely accurate prediction of the radius of a proton, a prediction, by the way, that is quite a lot more precise than that of the standard physical model being taught in physics textbooks (see article). 

Resonance Science Foundation

But back to the point – how is that many ancient civilizations and cultures of the past were so preoccupied with this symbol, a symbol that as we have seen is directly related to the nature of our reality? Could it be that the ancients understood reality a lot more accurately than we give them credit for, or is it mere coincidence that the geometric patterns they regarded as very sacred give us very detailed information about our Cosmos?

I believe that it’s not about immediately coming up with answers to these questions (and there are as many interpretations of these facts as stars in the sky), but rather putting them out there. Really looking at what these patterns are trying to tell us.

As the Icelandic architect, Einar Thorsteinn said: “Buckminster Fuller explained to me once that because our world is constructed from geometric relations like the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series, by thinking about geometry all the time, you could organize and harmonize your life with the structure of the world” … and it seems that a lot of the ancients actually have used these patterns to harmonize their life. Evidence of this fact is found in close analysis of the ancient pyramids – not just the Egyptian ones, did you know there are thousands more around the world, weird how we usually only know about the ones in Egypt… – and there are multiple documentaries, articles, and interviews you can dive into to confirm this for yourself. I highly recommend to watch the two videso mentioned below.

At the end of this brief post, I’ll leave you with two videos I highly recommend you watch:

  1. The Revelation of the Pyramids Documentary – really a treasure, very profund and deep. Going far beyond the usual “ehmm.. yea it was the slaves with copper and stone. We understand it all, bla bla bla…
  2. The Real Da Vinci Code – short video about the hidden geometries in Da Vinci’s work (Da Vinci was greatly involved in the study of sared geometry – who would’ve thought? 😀 )


See you next time.


(1) embyronic_cell_division_flower_of_life


1. Resonance Science Foundation – Nassim Haramein et. al (especially the articles)

2. Resonance Science Foundation – “The Connected Universe” 

3. Scott Onstott – Sacred Geometry hub


Image Credits:
Featured Image:
2 & 3 Resonance Science Foundation Media

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