Love in the Time of Corona

           The breeze that dances through the empty streets

           Caressing us with forgotten feats.

            The chant. The voice. The sudden growth

            How many birds sing, yet swear no oath.

            The feet that run, with paradigm

            The hands that wait, yearning for their time.

            The fear is clear, the love is blurred

            Turned upside down this lovely world.

            To live. To die. We do not know why

            To see. To hear. Our heart’s deep cry.

            The new is here. The old is gone

            Let us welcome its uncertain song.

            To all that may live and to all that may die

            Without ever understanding why.


P.s. Props to my brother Manao for the poem’s name. Hope you get the joke…


Hint: G.G. Marquez :p

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