Love in the Time of Corona – a poem recorded

Here is a new little creation of mine, an audio version of my poem Love in the Time of Corona. Enjoy!

Love in the Time of Corona

           The breeze that dances through the empty streets            Caressing us with forgotten feats.             The chant. The voice. The sudden growth             How many birds sing, yet swear no oath.             The feet that run, with paradigm             The hands that wait, yearning for their… Continue reading Love in the Time of Corona

The Beginning and End of War

So, war doesn't start with money, or with countries, or with armies, or with weapons, or with fists – war starts within our own mind.   When we think of war, we often think of warlords, armies, tanks and missiles, guns and bullets, screaming women and children, and so on. We think of countries, oil,… Continue reading The Beginning and End of War

A call to clarity

  This is for you and I   May wisdom flow through me,  like the wind blows through the air, may love surround me, like the ocean surrounds the whale, may compassion shine through me, like the sun shines through a cloud, may gratitude blossom within me, for all that I receive, may infinity saturate… Continue reading A call to clarity

“I relax as the unfolding”

I see and before I know it disappears, flies away–drifts off into the wind. A brilliantly bright black hole, before unseen, now rediscovered. One digs for gold but finds no shine. One seeks but finds no relief to that which does not rhyme. One rests and finds oneself in the loving arms of existence. One… Continue reading “I relax as the unfolding”

Road up or road down

Ahh... German train's can be inspiring 🙂   Take the road up or take the road down, Both ways end up in the same town, No better, No worse, No right, No wrong. Why continue on the path of struggle, Why still ride on the misery horse, Why hang on when you can fall, It's… Continue reading Road up or road down

Innere Schlacht

Prallende Gedanken, wie die Pfeile eines nicht nachlassenden, sich in Rage kämpfenden Heeres. Kreisförmig umzingeln sie Geist, wie eine Herde wilder Büffel, vor dem Angriff. Das unterliegende, manchmal abrupt an die Oberfläche aufsteigende Gefühl, des Alleinseins, wird durch den nicht endenden Hagel immer schlimmer. Ein Chaos, indem gut und schlecht kaum zu trennen sind, inmitten des strategischen Krieges, immer… Continue reading Innere Schlacht

The letting go in the midst of uncertainty

  -Here the english translation of the last poem-   THE LETTING GO IN THE MIDST OF UNCERTAINTY We really aren't more than crystalline grains of sand, in a universal sandstorm, but still; we are a lot more, We are part of the endlessly great infinite, but barely capable of understanding the finite, We are the… Continue reading The letting go in the midst of uncertainty