Der Kaulbach Podcast

– For the German Friends – Hey, ich habe mit meinem Freund Joschua vor ein paar Wochen angefangen regelmäßig einen Podcast aufzunehmen. Das Konzept – offene, ungescriptete, mit Humor bestückte Gespräche über Themen und Fragen die uns nah am Herzen liegen: Wie machen wir als Gesellschaft weiter? Was macht mich glücklich? Repräsentiert unser Wirtschaftssystem das… Continue reading Der Kaulbach Podcast

Love in the Time of Corona

           The breeze that dances through the empty streets            Caressing us with forgotten feats.             The chant. The voice. The sudden growth             How many birds sing, yet swear no oath.             The feet that run, with paradigm             The hands that wait, yearning for their… Continue reading Love in the Time of Corona

Coronavirus as a way to open up and grow out of the Old

Hello, just felt like writing a few of my thoughts on the Corona Virus (COVID-19). I won't touch on all dimensions of the current developments – that would not be possible in the scope of a little article... and that would be quite boring. This is a time of great uncertainty and there is much… Continue reading Coronavirus as a way to open up and grow out of the Old